The endless dieting cycle

‘The best one yet…..!’ ‘Get to your dream weight in no time……!’ ‘Drop a dress size in your first week…!’ ‘Get the results you want……!’ How many of us have fallen for the empty promise of the latest diet fad, to find that it truly did not work.

What if we could tell you that you are not failing the diets, but the diets are failing you! It is hard to comprehend but evidence suggests that diets just don’t work… Physiologically your body goes into survival mode and responds to reduced fuel…. ‘If I don’t know when my next substantial meal will be, I better slow down and save some energy!’

Think if you have ever found yourself in the diet cycle….. You feel bad about yourself… every problem seems to come back to your weight……you may have seen some supermodel on social media… they look happy? You believe that losing weight will make things better. The diet begins! Whether it be a cleanse… cutting carbs…. shakes….not eating until you can bear no more…. eating mountains of grapefruit…..there are so many out there it could be literally anything! The diet consumes your thoughts- it controls WHEN, HOW much, and WHAT to eat or drink. Then for some (good) reason your body or sanity can take no more and you break the diet. Feelings of shame or failure overcome you…… weren’t strict enough to stick to the diet…. Some of us may then binge or overeat as what’s the point…! Feelings of guilt then overcome you and the cycle beings again….

Freeing yourself from the diet cycle can be very empowering and benefit your health! If there are no restrictions, there is no shame or guilt! Starting a journey to intuitive eating will open your eyes to an enjoyable world of food you may have never experienced before!

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