Ditch the Scales

Why is it that we value weight loss so much….? Will seeing a lower number on the scales truly make us happy or reflect meaningful change…..?

In order to strive for optimum wellbeing, it is important to set goals to achieve the best version of your health. Is that a number on the scale…. ? not at all… there is so much more to it than that.

Setting meaningful health and wellbeing goals will be a game changer, and free yourself from the dreaded stress of the scales. Throw them away! Put them in the garage… out of sight…burn them! Whatever you have to do to get rid of them…… how can they reflect how you are feeling or your health behaviours?

Take some time to develop some meaningful wellbeing goals- think in relation to your physical health-such as increasing your flexibility, your medical health- such as improving blood pressure, your eating behaviour- such as increasing the variety of foods you are eating, your mental health- such as reducing stress, your body confidence- such as reducing negative self-talk and other factors such as to improve sleep!

What have you come up with? Aren’t these goals more exciting to strive for than a number on the scales?

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