Be kind to yourself

There is no such thing as perfect!

We are constantly bombarded with ‘healthy eating’ messages- whether it be in the supermarket…. the advertisement on TV…. the bus shelter…. the professional sportsman with food in hand- it can be quite overwhelming! Not to mention the demonization of foods such as chocolate… cakes…. biscuits and fried foods. No wonder we have developed a way of talking to ourselves which is truly unkind…. ‘why did you eat that!’, ‘now you have blown your healthy day…’ ‘you’re a pig for eating that…’ ‘this is so bad for you…’

If we practice mindful eating, we can cease this negative self-talk and develop a healthy relationship with food. To do this, we must consider ALL foods to be morally neutral- no ‘good’, ‘bad’ or ‘forbidden’ foods. Giving ourselves unconditional permission to eat ALL foods, when we truly feel like them, will help ease the burden to eat a ‘perfect’ diet.

Become aware of your negative self-talk around food- and try to reframe it. ALL food is there to nourish and satisfy our bodies. There is no ‘perfect’ way to eat- it is what works for you.

#selfcompassion #mindfuleating #bekindtoyourself

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