What is the non-diet approach?

A Non-Diet Approach….? How can I possibly reach my goals without a diet…? What exactly does this entail…?

The Non-Diet Approach moves away from traditional diet prescription, and focuses on achieving healthy behaviours. Rather than focusing on weight loss and cutting out this…limiting that… the approach focuses on nourishing your body to its best version of health. Sounds exciting doesn’t it….!

Why the Non-Diet Approach…? Research has shown that most (95%!) individuals who go on a diet will either put the weight they lose back on, or even more….. This is quite astounding considering the number of shakes…. meal plans….12 week diets…. cleanses etc. that are on the market bombarding us at every angle. Research has found it is healthier to focus on eating a balanced variety of foods, moving your body and taking some time for yourself than pursuing a lower number on the scales. Does that number truly reflect your health/ wellbeing or happiness..?

Moving towards a more instinctive way of eating with the Non-Diet Approach, without imposing food rules can be very empowering. When you learn to eat mindfully, according to your internal hunger cues you will no longer see chocolate as ‘bad’….. carrot as ‘good’ ….. or ice-cream as ‘forbidden’…. ALL foods will have the opportunity to nourish your body when you choose.

Freeing yourself from restrictive diet regimens will help you to break the ‘diet/binge’ cycle. If you have ever tried a diet in the past, was it truly something you could sustain…? Did your hunger increase…. energy drop…. occupation with food increase….? These are all physiological responses as your body detects ‘famine’…. responds to conserve energy, and hence you put the weight back on. Therefore, those feelings of failure and regret when you broke that diet were due to something you couldn’t control…!

The Non-Diet Approach will teach you to nourish your body with a variety of foods, movement, self-care and awareness….. join other non-dieters experiencing the numerous health benefits of this approach.

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