Eating in the present moment, it’s harder than it sounds!

When you think about eating, what does it usually look like for you? Rushing to get out the door in the morning, mouthfuls of cereal in between getting dressed and getting kids ready? Eating lunch in front of your computer at work? Dinner in front of the TV?

Of course not every meal is going to be a crazy rush, but more often than not these days, we find ourselves multitasking at every turn, whether it be physically doing more than one thing at once, or just as equally our head is “somewhere else” while we are eating.

This can have a pretty profound effect on the way that we eat, and can often mean that we are less likely to make choices that are actually in line with our bodies needs at the time. So how do we navigate our crazy lives and schedules and listen to our body at the same time? Mindfulness practice has become increasingly popular recently and while meditation is fantastic for aiding in stress management, there is actually a more focused practice (that is quicker and easier to do) that helps us to be more present when we are eating, and is something everybody can do as well! Mindful eating can be super effective in helping us focus on being present while we are eating, which means we are more able to make choices around food and eating that look after us.

If you are struggling with your relationship with food and eating and think that mindful eating may benefit you, it may be the right time for you to seek the assistance of a qualified HAES, Non-Diet Approach dietitian or health practitioner to help guide you through the process back to a place of peace with food and eating.

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