Love (appreciate and be comfortable in) the skin you’re in

“Body image is the perception that a person has of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings that result from that physical perception”

– National Eating Disorders Collaboration

Body image is a complicated topic that is often fraught with strong negative emotions and experiences. It doesn’t help that our ideas and beliefs regarding our own body image are constantly challenged by the unrealistically narrow range of represented body shapes and sizes on social media, in advertising, on television and in movies!

This constant barrage of imagery basically tells us that if we don’t look like the people in the pictures then we are wrong and need to change, and that is just so not true! Navigating our way through these messages to find a place of peace with our wonderful, naturally unique and diverse bodies can seem nearly impossible, but I promise it’s not. It is completely possible to be comfortable, happy and confident in your body, heal your relationship with your body image, and build resilience to deal with the unhelpful messages that we see all around us every day.

And it’s so worth the journey to change! Improving body image will also help to improve happiness and wellbeing, increase satisfaction with yourself and how you look, and will even lead to healthier outlook towards looking after yourself and increase your ability to be in tune with your body’s needs.1

If you are struggling with your relationship with your body and are ready to make a change, it may be the right time for you to seek the assistance of a qualified HAES, Non-Diet Approach dietitian or health practitioner to help guide you through the process back to a place of peace and confidence with your body.

1. National Eating Disorders Collaboration – Body Image Fact Sheet. Available at

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