Breaking the diet cycle (for good)

So here you are.

You’ve come to a place within yourself that you’re exploring different options when it comes to thinking about your body, your weight, the way you move your body, the way you eat and the food choices you make. Your own personal journey of getting to this point is uniquely yours, however now that you are here, what now? What is the next step?

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Often those who have been caught in the diet cycle (Start diet > deprivation stage > cravings, hunger, “break out” > guilt, shame > start again!), whether it be once or countless times, don’t know how damaging this behaviour can be, both physically and mentally!

Dieting is associated with a number of negative outcomes, such as weight cycling (weight decrease with following increase back to previous weight – often higher), increased weight in the long term, feeling terrible about your body, encouraging disordered eating patterns, and can even lead an eating disorder!

Moving away from the diet cycle can seem daunting, but it is absolutely possible!

Learning how to listen to your body’s signals when it comes to its needs is an important skill in looking after yourself. The Health At Every Size® (HAES), Non-Diet Approach focuses on gently teaching how to move towards a more natural and intuitive way of eating and being physically active, by helping to assess and respond to your body’s physical signals regarding food, eating and movement. This means you are able to confidently make the best decision for your overall health in any moment (and that includes the amount and type of food and movement that is right for your body).

It can take time, and it definitely takes practice, but moving towards a more intuitive style of eating is something that everybody has the ability to learn (or re-learn!).

If you feel you’re stuck in the diet cycle, or unhappy with your relationship with food and eating and are ready to make a change, or you’re struggling with body image dissatisfaction and want to make peace with your body and physical activity, it may be the right time for you to seek the assistance of a qualified HAES, Non-Diet Approach dietitian to help guide you through the process back to a place of peace and confidence with food and your body.

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