Welcome to Mindful Eating Day

Today is Mindful Eating Day 2018! It is a day we Non-Diet Dietitians celebrate and advocate for a mindful approach to food choices and eating...​

But first of all, what is Mindful Eating? Mindful eating began with the concept of mindfulness (to be mindful means to be present in the moment, becoming non-judgementally aware of your internal environment including the mental, physical and emotional, and the external environment), and applies these principles of mindfulness to food, your body, and the act of eating.

Mindful eating means being non-judgementally present in the moment while you are making food choices (what type and amount of food is going to look after your body best in this moment?), while you are eating (are you enjoying the food? How is your body feeling physically?), and also after you finish eating (how did the food made your body feel?).

Eating mindfully helps to inform our moment to moment choices so we are guided by our body cues, to make food choices that includes all types of food without fear, guilt or shame, to eat in a way that makes us feel healthy, balanced and energetic, and to care for ourselves in the best way possible for the present moment in time. The themes for Mindful Eating Day this year are... "Compassionate Self-care is Essential" & "Consistent Self Care Promotes Well Being" Eating mindfully forms a part of everyday self care in promoting well being, as it allows us to honour our bodies and make choices that are truly in line with our body’s needs. Self compassion is a key part of self care, as treating ourselves with kindness, patience and respect is essential in permitting us the time and space to engage with meaningful self care activities (and that can mean anything from taking a moment to breathe and be in the present moment, to making big life changes that are in line with your personal values and goals!). How mindful eating can help you..

Learning to eat mindfully can assist you to develop a peaceful relationship with food and help to decrease mindless eating, emotional eating or compulsive overeating.

For more information how mindful eating can help you or to register for your Mindful Eating Basics Workshop click here.

Beautiful pictures courtesy of the Centre for Mindful Eating.

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