Principal Accredited Practising Dietitian

Carlia Lozo APD, AN, BND(HonsII)



Carlia is the Founder, Director and Principal Dietitian at Welcome to Wellbeing, a group private practice providing support for individuals with weight, eating, feeding and body image concerns. She enjoys working with females who are seeking a more intuitive and conscious relationship with their bodies and themselves. You can expect to feel supported as you cultivate a peaceful and nurturing relationship with your body from a place of love and respect. Carlia is kind, compassionate and caring and you can expect to feel safe, be heard and given the space to share your story.

Carlia's areas of interest are clinical eating disorders, mental health concerns, disordered eating, troubled relationship with food/eating and weight and body image concerns. She has training in Motivational Interviewing, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Maudsley Family Based Therapy, RAVES Treatment Model for Eating Disorders, CBT-E for Eating Disorders, Non-Diet (Health at Every Size®) Approach, Ellyn Satter Division of Responsibility in Feeding (sDOR) and Mindfulness-based practices.


Carlia is a professional member of Dietitians Australia, HAES Australia, ANZAED, The Center for Mindful Eating, and Association for Size Diversity and Health. She engages in regular and ongoing professional development as well as clinical and professional supervision and mentoring.


With her own lived experience of mental health concerns, Carlia brings compassion, mindfulness and empathy into her sessions. She understands the value of the therapeutic relationship and that recovery requires vulnerability, courage and a trust in the process.


Besides the joy she gets from running her group private practice and helping clients, Carlia also has a passion for living a conscious and authentic life and undertaking further training in mindfulness, conscious leadership and personal mastery.


Please note, Carlia is not currently taking on new clients, however if you would like to work with Carlia, please contact the practice directly.