Dietetic Consultations

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Who we help

We provide nutrition and eating behaviour counselling to women, men, adolescents and children presenting with:

  • Weight concerns

  • Emotional overeating

  • Chronic dieting / Yo-yo dieting

  • Binge eating 

  • Weight cycling

  • Compulsive eating

  • Binge/purge behaviour (Bulimia nervosa)

  • Anorexia nervosa 

  • Body image concerns

  • Disordered eating patterns

  • Pre-diabetes/diabetes

  • High cholesterol/heart disease

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

  • GORD/Reflux

What happens in your Initial Consult

In your Initial Consultation (60-75 min) your dietitian will enquire about your concerns for seeking dietetic treatment. Your dietitian will conduct a thorough assessment including weight history, medical conditions, eating behaviour and physical activity behaviour. Together with your dietitian, you will then discuss an appropriate treatment approach, duration of treatment including payment options.


Ongoing Dietetic Treatment

Your dietary treatment will commence in your first follow-up session. Follow-up sessions are 50 min in duration and allow for personalised support and counselling in which we progress you through concepts, we problem solve and develop strategies to move you towards your goals.  an initial period of fortnightly sessions, people quite often return for monthly or bimonthly ‘check-up’ appointments. At this stage, the therapy becomes more about maintenance and relapse prevention strategies. Some people may require longer support depending on the nature of their difficulties with food and eating and progression between sessions.  

Payment Options

At Welcome to Wellbeing we offer a variety of payment options to suit your needs. At the conclusion of your Initial Consultation, together with your dietitian you will discuss the options available including approximate duration of treatment and frequency of subsequent sessions.

Medicare & Health Insurance Rebates

If you have a Chronic Disease Management Plan from your General Practitioner, then you will be able to claim a Medicare Rebate of $54.60 per session for up to 5 individual sessions in a calendar year. If you have an Eating Disorder Treatment Plan, from your General Practitioner or Psychiatrist, then you will be eligible to claim a Medicare Rebate of $54.60 per session for up to 20 individual sessions in a calendar year.


If you are not eligible for Medicare you may be able to claim rebates from sessions using your Private Health Insurance.