Associate Accredited Practising Dietitian

Bethany Gooding APD


Bethany is an Associate Accredited Practising Dietitian and member of Dietitians Australia. 

Similar to a lot of women Bethany grew up with disordered eating. Since learning about nutrition, physical exercise, overcoming disordered eating herself and now working alongside others struggling with food and body. Bethany feels she has learnt the true power of one’s own mind.


Bethany trusts that any individual who has undergone challenges with food, body and mind are truly some of the strongest and most empathetic individuals. Bethany aims to guide each person she works along side with towards building a positive relationship with food so they can get back to the best parts of life.


Bethany’s main love of work is in eating disorders, disordered eating and improving ones relationship with food, eating and weight. However, she also has experience working with individuals with a range of concerns such as: cardiovascular disease, prediabetes, plant-based diets, reflux and PCOS and woman’s health.


In her down time Bethany enjoys spending time in nature, catching up with friends over breakfast or sitting down to a good book and a cup of coffee.


Bethany is available for face to face consults on Wednesday and Friday, and telehealth consults on Tuesday and Thursday. To book an appointment with Bethany please click here.